Closing Cost Summary

 Typical and routine closing costs include Recording fees, Resort Transfer Fee, Title Abstract and Attorney Settlement Fee. Optional Fees include fees to expedite settlement and funds delivery such as overnight courier and/or funds wire fee, Title Insurance Premium and e recording fee to expedite original recorded deed delivery. Non-US Citizen sellers pay a 10% witholding tax to the US Treasury.  Nonresident SC Sellers who have a capital gain on the sale pay a 7% witholding tax to SC Department of Revenue.

Closing Services Options and Fees with our Firm

 Attorney recommended all InclusiveTimeshare Closing (with Title Insurance):             

This includes all services outlined on the Services page plus issuance of an owner's title insurance policy to protect the buyer's equity up to the purchase price.

Attorney Settlement Fee:                                                   $350.00

Title insurance Premium                                                    $125.00

Title Abstract to 3rd Party Abstractor   - varies between $75 and $150 depending on county and property.

Full Closing with no title abstract, no  title examination and no title insurance:

Attorney Settlement Fee:                                                   $275.00

Deed preparation and recording only:

Attorney Fee:                                                                     $200.00

Illustration of All Closing Costs in a Typical All inclusive Closing

Assume Marriott Ownership Resorts Property on Hilton Head with $5000.00 sales price.

Town Transfer Tax:                                     $12.50

Deed Stamps                                               $18.50

Recording Fee                                            $10.00

Title Abstract (Advantage Title)                $75.00

Marriott Transfer Fee                                 $25.00

Title Insurance                                           $125.00

Attorney Settlement Fee                           $350.00

Overnight proceeds to Seller:                  $ 30.00

TOTAL                                                          $646.00

If split costs = $323.00 each